Top 100 AI Tools gives you the option to submit you ai tool and be listed on our site. We have a top 100 tools ranking but on our site you can find more than 500 tools. Before you start the submission proces, please read first the requirements to be listed.

Requirements to be listed on Top 100 AI Tools

  • We use Trustpilot as a guideline for approval of submission. We only list AI tools who have a rating of 2,5 or more. AI Tools who have a lower rating than 2,5 and have more than 5 legit bad reviews will not be listed or added to the blacklisted category.
  • There is listing fee of 40 euro one time.  With the listing fee you will be on the homepage in the new ai tools section until new partners will enter.

Click on the button below to make the listing fee payment. Once the payment has processed you will be redirect to the 2nd step where you will fill in all the details.

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