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Brand24 offers the most complete access to online mentions out there. Be first to know and get ahead of the story. Gather insights from 25 million online sources tracked in real-time. Use advanced sentiment analysis to segment positive, negative or neutral mentions.

Access customer insights.

Learn from online conversations about your company. Get access to honest consumer feedback. Learn what people like or dislike about your company. Use customer insights to make informed business decisions that resonate with your audience.

Track hashtags

Track various hashtags and find influencers. Measure the effects of a hashtag campaign, like reach and engagement.

How much does this tool cost?

They offer a free trial of 14 days without putting your creditcard. Just choose your login details and you can start creating emails and try this tool.

Individual – $69 per month
– 3 keywords
– 2k mentions per month
– update every 12 hours
– 1 user

Team – $129 per month
– 7 keywords
– 5k mentions per month
– update every hour
– unlimited users

Pro – $179 per month
– 12 keywords
– 25k mentions per month
– realtime update
– unlimited users

Enterprise – $349 per month
– 25 keywords
– 100k mentions per month
– realtime update
– unlimited users

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