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Kafkai is an article generator that writes unique, creative content. It’s trained by AI technology to focus on SEO friendly content production. It’s perfect for assisting you with your blog content, website copy, and social media posts. With their AI technology, you can generate articles with a few clicks. This will liberate you to focus on the real work that humans can do in content writing. Editorial, curation, optimization and fact-checking.
Kafkai will work as your content writing assistant. But it will also get you the content people are actually searching for. Kafkai has three modes of operation. The first two use our own trained models for niche article writing and the third one is a general writer not trained on any specific niche.

How much does this tool cost?

Kafkai offers a 3-day free trail where you receive 25 free articles. You do need to enter payment details with your free trial. Plus you can receive your money back within 30 days after payment

Industrial printer – $199 per month
– 2500 monthly articles
– 38 niches
– 7 languages

Printing press – $129 per month
– 1000 monthly articles
– 38 niches
– 7 languages

Newsroom – $49 per month
– 250 monthly articles
– 38 niches
– 7 languages

Writer – $29 per month
– 100 monthly articles
– 38 niches
– 7 languages

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