With Learnt.ai you can save time and effort by automating the creation of high-quality lesson plans, learning objectives, assessment questions, and a range of other resources.

Learnt.ai is designed to augment not replace; inspiring you to create engaging content that aligns with best practices in education, making it easier for you to deliver effective and impactful lessons to your students.


There are two types of generative AI tools – Generative Tools and Sidekicks. The Generative Tools are designed to support focused tasks (e.g., generating a lesson plan, writing a school report, scoping a course, creating an ice-breaker etc.). The Sidekicks are chatbots, each with its own particular focus. They will collaborate with you and support you with a particular task. Think of them as being less like a search engine, and more like a co-worker.

How much does this tool cost?

Free – no creditcard required
– Access to 10 popular tools

Essentials – €9 per month (annually: €7 per month)
– Access to 50+ tools
– Customer support

Prodessional – €89 per month (annually: €69 per month)
– Your team of 20 AI Sidekicks
– Access to 50+ AI Tools
– Development Sandbox access
– Customer support

Do they offer a free trial?

They offer a limited-time trial for new users to experience the benefits of Learnt.ai. Please be aware that some tools are premium only

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