Automate the process of recording, transcribing, summarizing, and disseminating critical insights from each meeting. MeetGeek offers an ideal Meeting Assistant that utilizes AI technology to produce a summary automatically after each meeting, eliminating the need for you to write follow-ups. This approach enables you to maximize the productivity and collaboration of each meeting.

Automatically transform lengthy meeting recordings that no one actually re-watches into a brief summary of key topics. With AI Meeting Minutes you get:

– Conversation summary written in human-like language;
– One-paragraph outline of the meeting’s highlights;
– Meeting transcript with timestamps for quick navigation;
– Auto-tags for every action item, point of concern, or important detail.

Find any information from your past meetings

Consolidate all of your meeting notes from Zoom, Teams, and Google into a single, secure, and searchable location. You can also expand your library by incorporating uploaded audio files and generating automated transcripts. Using a straightforward keyword search, you can easily retrieve any information from your previous meeting transcripts and look back on past details.

Share meeting takeaways across your company

Simplify the process of keeping your colleagues on the same page by minimizing the number of alignment meetings required. MeetGeek provides a solution that allows you to establish teams and share meeting recordings, summaries, or highlights with the relevant departments, ensuring that everyone remains aligned effortlessly.

Alternatively, you can share meeting notes with your preferred apps, such as Slack, Trello, and Notion, and create a collaborative workspace there.

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