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Use the Wizard to instantly transform your jumbled notes into a useful outline, and your outline into perfectly written paragraphs. Or just Prompt Luna with a single phrase. Luna is the AI behind Moonbeam. Give her a few quick instructions, and watch her return with a well-written first draft.

Talk to your content with Smart Chat

Elevate your editing experience with the revolutionary GPT-4 powered Smart Chat, seamlessly integrated into your editor. Obtain real-time feedback on your documents and make on-the-fly modifications for an unparalleled editing journey.

Effortlessly Generate Comprehensive Content Clusters with Moonbeam

Transform your content creation process with Moonbeam, a powerful tool that effortlessly generates content clusters around a simple prompt or keyword. Experience unparalleled efficiency with just a single click.

A text editor so powerful you’ll never want to leave

Discover the unparalleled power and versatility of Moonbeam, a feature-rich text editor designed to transform your writing experience.

How much does this tool cost?

Pro – $49 per month
– 1 user

Team – $99 per month per seat
– Multiple users

Annual prices available which will give you more than 50% discount. They offer a money back guaranteed within 30 days.

Moonbeam AI content writing

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