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Osher.ai is the personal ai for your business. You can interact with their own custom AI. By clicking on the bot icon you can ask Osher to fidn anything in your documents and internal knowledge base. You can use if in your business so your staff can find instructions, procedures and processed documents.

You can customize your AI and give it a name and color. Create a welcome message and select your bot’s personality.

The bot can be public or private. You control all access and you can even embed it in your website. All date is encrypted with state-of-the-art encryption solution.

How much does this tool cost?

Personal – $29 per month
Create 1 customer AI and have access to 5 documents

Start up – $99 per month
Create 2 customer AI’s and have access to 20 documents

Business – $499 per month
Create unlimited customer AI’s and have access to 200 documents

You can also contact Osher for customised enterprise plans and custom integrations. Osher doesn’t offer a free version of their tool.

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