Safebet analyzes thousands of games in 6 different sports into minor details. Their AI is trained to make accurate projections for future games. Stop making emotional betting decisions and let the data talk. SafeBet predicts what will happen in upcoming games.

Their AI system calculates a safe score (between 1 and 99) for every pick. Based on variables as booking odds versus calculated odds, potential payout, historic matchups and key player development.

This score helps you with making decisions whether or not to go with the pick. Making it suitable for all kinds of strategies. From conservative long term players to aggressive risk-takers and the casual sports wager.

How much does this tool cost?

The price is $47 per week or $97 per month. For this you get the following:

– Access to all picks
– AI scores + breakdowns
– Emergency bet alert
– Covering 5 sports
– Telegram community

Do they offer a free trial?

Yes, every Friday they send 1 free weekly pick out to their Telegram channel.

Can you cancel the subscription?

You can cancell your subscription anytime you want in your account

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