By Centralizing your Data Shakespeare’s AI models will help you make decisions led by data rather than intuition. Create incredible, dynamic, hyper-personalized imagery and text using the world’s most powerful creative automation AI. Integrate Shakespeare with your ad accounts, CRMs, and socials to begin optimizing cross-platform performance in an instant. Monitor all your campaigns and watch Shakespeare sky-rocket your ROAS within one comprehensive dashboard.

What can do for you?

Creative Automation
Automate the creative process with our data-led, hyper-personalized, dynamic creative AI.

Audience Targeting
Uncover and target audience cohorts with laser-like precision. Never guess again.

Real-Time Impact
Better-than-human decisions made in real-time, informed by first-party & historical data.

AI Model Calibration
Tell Shakespeare how to work within your brands unique specifications and guidelines.

Performance Optimization
Real-time optimization of campaigns in a constant, performance-boosting feedback loop.

Seamless Integrations
Integrate seamlessly with Shakespeare’s AI infrastructure for instant cross-platform optimization.

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