Join 50,000+ companies, researchers and marketers using Speak to reduce manual labour, unlock competitive advantages, build stronger customer relationships and make better decisions. Whether you are doing qualitative research, academic research, marketing research, competitive analysis, digital marketing or other crucial functions of your organization, Speak has enabled easy individual and bulk uploading of audio, video and text data.

Convert audio and video to text with automated transcription, import CSVs for bulk analysis, capture recordings with an embeddable recorder, create directly in Speak or use popular integrations to automate capture.

Whether it is customer interviews, Zoom recordings, YouTube videos, podcasts, focus groups, Amazon Reviews, tweets or other crucial qualitative feedback channels, Speak will help you identify actionable, competitive insights in your data.

Don’t want to spend hours analyzing your audio, video and text data? No worries! With Speak Magic Prompts, you can use their recommended prompts or create your own to get mind-blowingly powerful answers from Speak. Think of it as OpenAi’s GPT or Google Bard for all your audio, video and text in Speak. No character limits. Analyze many files at once. Store your history of responses. Send those responses wherever you want!


– Human Transcription
– Speech-to-text software
– Embeddable recorder
– Speak AI APS
– Data visualization
– Amazon Reviews Analysis
– Twitter analysis
– Competitive analysis
– SWOT Analysis
– Speak Magic AI Text Prompts

How much does this tool cost?

Pay-as-you-go – $0 per month
– 1 user
– Unlimited storage

Starter – $72 per month
– 15 hours / month
– 500.000 speak magic prompts

Custom – contact the company
– Unlimited hours
– Unlimited users

Annual prices available which will give you a 20% discount.

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