Verbalate™ is designed to translate and localize audio and video content into various languages, with its advanced AI dubbing, voice cloning, and lip sync technologies. This software stands out as an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of audio and video content creators, ranging from YouTubers to professionals in legal, medical, and educational fields. Verbalate offers a seamless blend of full AI translation and human translation services, ensuring unparalleled accuracy for your audio and video content.

Translate your video content into multiple languages using their advanced video translation software, which features complete voice cloning and lip-sync. Expand your reach to a global audience, unlock new revenue streams, and scale up your video content production.


Voice Cloning
AI voice clone with just a minute of audio.

Lip Sync
Ensure that spoken words perfectly match lip movements of on-screen performers.

Audio & Video
Translate both audio and video formats into other languages.

Phonetic Pronunciation
Utilise phonetics to achieve precise word pronunciation

Background sound preservation & removal
Preserve background sound or remove it entirely to either maintain the original impact of the source material.

SRT File creation & upload
Unlock advanced AI translation capabilities with your SRT files.

Multilingual Avatar Twins (Creator & Enterprise)
Create your digital twin using our multilingual avatars, complete with voice cloning.

API (Enterprise)
Utilize our API for seamless integration into your product or service offerings.

Back Translation
Ensure the accuracy of translations by translating them back into your own language.

How much does this tool cost?

Translator – $9 / month ($7.50 / month if paid annually)
– 10 mins translation
– Additional minutes $1

Creator – $49 / month ($40.50 / month if paid annually)
– 60 mins translation
– Additional minutes $0.85

Enterprise plan – contact the company

Do they offer a free trial?

Yes, there is a free trial for the 1st minute free.

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