VoiceType is a Chrome browser extension that appears when you hit Compose or Reply in your Gmail. When you click on VoiceType, it activates the microphone and you can describe, fluently or not, what would you like to write or reply. You can take your time. You don’t have to use any specific words or phrases. Email with that intention


Speaking, not Dictating
VoiceType is not a transcription or dictation app. You explain verbally what you want to write like you would to a personal assistant.

Contextual Replies
You do not have to narrate your whole life story, ehm, email trail. Just say what you’d like to reply and VoiceType will tailor it to the email thread.

Exceptional Writing
Say good bye to spelling errors and hard to understand sentences. Your emails will be always grammatically correct with no spelling errors.

Speech Recognition
English not your native language? Speaking with accent? As long as you can describe what wou’d like to write – no problem.

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