Balloonary simplifies online advertising. Create and launch Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads, all from a single platform. Choose a Balloonary ad account for a seamless experience or bring your own. Spend less time on navigating complex advertisement settings and more on growing your business.

No need to start from scratch. Generate as many customized suggestions for your ad copy, creatives, and targeting as you need. Fine-tune for personal preference and occasions. Ads when you need them, at a fraction of agency fees.

With Balloonary, you are not on your own. Their approach to advertising success combines smart AI technology with human advice and guidance. Every ad is reviewed by their team for a worry-free launch.

How much does this tool cost?

Lite – $14/m ($9/m if paid annually)
– 500 AI Tokens
– 1 brand

Plus – $39/m ($29/m if paid annually)
– 1500 AI Tokens
– 1 brand

Premium – $89/m ($69/m if paid annually)
– 5000 AI Tokens
– 3+ brand

Do they offer a free trial?

Yes, you can create a Balloonary account for free to check out the platform and see if it’s right for you. You can even generate copy and creatives and mix and match complete ads. Only when you decide to launch your first ad will you need to choose a plan and pay for the subscription.

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