Finsheet provides 30+ years of market (intraday 1-min) data, stock fundamentals and much more in Excel and Google Sheets for FREE. Finsheet provides unparalleled access to highest-quality global equities, forex and cryptos data. The same data is being used by hedge funds, investment banks, and many other financial institutions.

Their Excel and Google Sheets add-ons are extremely easy to use and requires absolutely no coding. If you know how to use Excel/Google Sheets, you already know how to use the add-on.


– Stream Live Market Data
– Global Fundamentals & ETF holdings
– Historical Market Data (1-minute resolution)

How much does this tool cost?

Free Plan
– US Stocks only
– 3 years of historical data

Basic – $20 /mo
– All stocks in 1 region
– 10 years of historical data

PLus – $45 /mo
– 20 years of historical data

Pro – $90 /mo
– 30 years of historical data

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