AI Lawyer

AI Lawyer

Say goodbye to expensive consultations, long waits for appointments, and confusing legal texts. AI-lawyer ready to give you expert legal help anytime, anywhere. AI Lawyer is a next-generation platform where anyone, using any language, can do legal research on the laws of any country in the world. We also simplify legal documents by making the law simple and easy to understand.

The AI Lawyer’s bot is trained in the laws of any country in the world. When writing a query, simply specify which country your question refers to. Also you can write to the bot not only in English, but also in any other language of the world and get answers in the same language.

For who is AI Lawyer?

AI for People
AI Lawyer can provide access to legal information and help without hassle. It can also help simplify legal language and provide a better understanding of complex legal issues.

AI for Lawyers
AI Lawyer can help streamline research and provide suggestions for legal strategies. It can also save time and increase efficiency, allowing lawyers to focus on higher-level tasks and improve client satisfaction.

AI for Law Students
AI Lawyer can provide an opportunity to learn and practice legal research and analysis skills. It can also provide insight into current legal trends and issues, helping to prepare students for a career in law.


– Instant legal help
– Drafting legal documents
– Documents review
– Documents comparison

How much does this tool cost?

Just ask – $9.99 / week
– All premium features

Golden Choice – Free, then $19.99 / month
– 24 hours free trial
– All premium features

Big Case – $99.99 / year
– All premium features

All three plans offer a free trial. Students can get 50% discount and charity organisations can get free accounts.

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