Drive Traffic, Boost Sales, and Amplify Conversions with AI Magic. Streamline your product and marketing content with AI-enhanced drafts, outlines, and insights.


Magical Blog & SEO Elixirs
Brew SEO-rich content, captivate audiences with bewitching blog posts, and rank higher in the wizardry world of search engines.

Social Media Sorcery
Conjure compelling content that shines across platforms, from mystical tweets to captivating Instagram tales and Facebook fables.

Enchanted Email Campaigns
Revive abandoned carts with spellbinding reminders, cast charms with promotional campaigns, and keep your shoppers spellbound.

Ads Alchemy: From Google to TikTok
Craft persuasive ad copies that allure audiences, whether they’re wandering in Google’s vast forests or dancing in TikTok’s enchanted halls.

Marketing Material Magic
Elevate your marketing material with our AI-powered tools. Create captivating content, mesmerizing visuals, and sales copy. Watch as your audience engages, and conversions soar.

Product Tales & Descriptions
Weave stories that not only describe but dazzle, making each product an irresistible item of desire.

How much does this tool cost?

Starter – $49 /month
– 20.000 word credits per month
– 60+ AI Writing tools
– 10 cutting edge AI Chat
– 10 AI Images
– 2 AI speech to text transcriptions

Premium – $79 /month
– 60.000 word credits per month
– 60+ AI Writing tools
– 50 cutting edge AI Chat
– 50 AI Images
– 20 AI speech to text transcriptions

Premium+ – $99 /month
– 100.000 word credits per month
– 60+ AI Writing tools
– 70 cutting edge AI Chat
– 100 AI Images
– 50 AI speech to text transcriptions

Do they offer a free trial?

No, they don’t offer a free trial

Can you cancel the subscription?

Yes, you definitely can cancel your subscription and, you will still have access to all the features that you already paid for until the end of paid date range.

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