Listnr is one of the best rated Text to Speech tools on the market in 2023. Apart from providing an extensive range of AI voices, the platform is designed to provide all other features to serve as the only tool you will need.

‍AI Voiceover Generator:
‍Their advanced AI text-to-speech editor can be used to generate human-like voiceovers timed to perfection. You can generate voiceovers for all your needs such as advertisements, e-learning, product demos, presentations, audiobooks, and youtube videos. With Listnr you can speed up the content generation and improve the quality of your content with great voiceovers.

‍Automated Audio Articles and Blogs:
‍Are you a publisher or a content creator? Your audience is already listening to audio articles and podcasts. Why are you missing out? Listnr provides a very easy-to-implement and automated audio article solution. Just select the realistic voice you want to use and embed the small snippet in your code.

‍Voice Generation via API:
‍Creating a unique app or a game or planning to enhance your customer experience with voiceover audio? Listnr’s APIs provide developers with easy-to-set-up and reliable APIs.

‍AI Podcasts:
‍Want to start a podcast quickly, without the hassles of recording, editing and generating the episode? With Listnr you can create a podcast show from just text. Create professional quality audio. Publish your podcast on a branded page, and distribute it on all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast etc.

Listnr is one of the best rated AI Voice Generators in 2023, creating human-like AI Voiceovers has never been easier. Use our library of over 900 voices in 145+ difference languages and dialects. Our state of the art Text to Speech editor ensures that you don’t need any other tool to create realistic AI voices, get started with Listnr for free!

How much does this tool cost?

Individual – $19 per month
– 20.000 words
– 25GB storage

Solo – $39 per month
– 50.000 words
– 50GB storage

Startup – $59 per month
– 200.000 words
– 100GB storage

Agency – $199 per month
– 500.000 words
– 250GB storage

You can open a free account without using a creditcard and have a maximum of 1000 words.


– TTS Editor
– Podcast hosting
– AI Podcast
– Audio Player
– Text to Speech API

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