Pixellot is an AI tool for sport teams which will change the way you record, watch, analyze and share video. Their system consists of a series of cameras that are strategically placed around a playing field, along with software that can track the ball and players in real-time.

One of the main advantages of Pixellot is that it can produce high-quality video coverage of sports events without the need for a human camera operator. This can make sports broadcasting more accessible and affordable for smaller teams and organizations.

Pixellot’s AI technology is designed to capture all of the action on the field, from different angles and perspectives. This allows viewers to watch the game from multiple viewpoints and get a more immersive experience.

Another benefit of Pixellot is that it can automatically create highlights and clips from the game, which can be shared on social media and other platforms. This can help teams and organizations increase their online presence and engage with fans.

Overall, Pixellot appears to be a useful tool for sports teams and organizations looking to produce high-quality video coverage of their games. The use of AI technology can make sports broadcasting more accessible and affordable, while the ability to create highlights and clips can help teams engage with fans and increase their online presence.

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