Scite is an online platform that aims to improve the accessibility and transparency of scientific research. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze and categorize research articles, providing users with visualizations of article citations and references, as well as determining the level of support or dispute for each citation.

Through its innovative citation analysis feature, offers a new way for researchers, students, and academics to explore scientific literature and track research trends. The platform’s AI-powered algorithms help users identify the most relevant research papers on a particular topic and make connections between related research. is also committed to open science and encourages authors to share their research openly. The platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help authors share and promote their research, including automated citations, analytics, and social media sharing options.

Overall, seems to be a promising platform for researchers and academics looking for a more efficient way to navigate and analyze scientific literature. However, as I am an AI language model and not a human, I am not able to provide you with a more detailed review based on personal experience.

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