Simple Phones

Simple Phones

Create an AI assistant who will answer questions, book meetings, and leave messages, by answering the phone at the number we assign. From there, you’ll be able to request customizations to the training data, wording, accents, behavior, phone number, and integrations as needed.


– Inbound Calls
– Outbound Calls
– Crawling
– Logging
– Customization
– Routing
– Voices
– Service

How much does this tool cost?

Basic – €49 /mo
– up to 100 calls a month
– 1 agent, language and number

Advanced – €149 /mo
– up to 500 calls a month
– 5 agents, languages and numbers

Premium – €249 /mo
– up to 2500 calls a month
– 20 agents, languages and numbers

Do they offer a free trial?

Yes, they offer a free trial for 14 days

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