Transform your data into actions. Research Studio is a robust AI powered solution that is set to reinvent customer & user research for good. It helps marketing, UX and product teams streamline their research analysis and reporting efforts. By simply creating a research and uploading your files you get in less than a minute:


– Complex and specialised summarisation
– Q&A AI chat trained and locked to your context
– Sentiment analysis and breakdown
– Insights
– User Personas
– Competitors
– Share function with realtime updates (people you shared with can see changes and AI conversations in an instant)
– Insights and statements changes (add. edit and remove)


For an additional $8.99/month you can upgrade to a premium plat which comes packed with even greater extras like:

– Customer Journeys
– Data Diagrams
– General AI knowledge
– Reporting
– Custom Report Branding
– Report Export (PDF and PPTX)

As a rule of thumb, text based LLMs surpass human capabilities in analysation and classification by a lot, although bear in mind that humans are better at reading other people’s emotions and frustrations. This tool is here to automate what is tedious for people and pron to bias and error not to replace specialists. It helps them focus on what humans are best at, humans.

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