Build your brand through content creation at scale. solves common problems faced by marketers such as time constraints, inconsistency in quality, lack of collaboration, and difficulty in capturing attention. Their AI-powered tools and collaborative platform help marketers create engaging, high-quality copy.

Social Media Marketing

Easily grow your social media reach and engagement with better content across multiple channels

Demand Generation

Improve the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns, while focusing on creating engaging content that captures the attention of your target audience and encourages them to take action

Employee Advocacy

Enable all team members to create engaging content that represents the employee and brand’s values, resonates with your target audience, and ultimately drives demand for your products and services.

Campaign Creation provides marketers with the ability to quickly create a variety of content types; including landing page copy, social media posts, and ads for Facebook and LinkedIn.

AI Tools

– Blog title ideas
– Blog outline
– Blog intro
– Instagram captions
– Google Ad Headline
– Google Ad cescription
– Facebook Ad Copy
– Content ideas
– Youtube video titles
– Email subject lines
– YouTube descriptions
– All Marketing Copy

How much does this tool cost?

– +3 AI Runs/mo

Starter – $5 per month
– +25 AI Runs/mo

Pro – $15 per month
– +10 AI Runs/mo

Unlimited – $19 per month
– Unlimited AI Runs/mo

Annual prices available which will give you more than 20% discount.

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