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Colossyan was founded to answer a question: what if there was a different way to create video? Several years ago, while working at another company, three friends saw first-hand how time-consuming video production is. There are so many moving parts – the script, actors, and setting have to be just right – and if something is out of place, you have to reshoot. They gathered a team of world-class engineers and AI researchers to build a platform now used by companies like Hewlett Packard, BASF, and BMW to create and localize videos in minutes that previously would have taken months.

Create presenter videos in three easy steps

No lights, no camera, action! Amazing ready-to-use video content in less than 10 minutes!
1. pick an avatar
2. write a script
3. generate video

How much does this tool cost?

Starter – $35 per month
– 10 minutes of video
– 8 premium actors

Pro – $120 per month
– 40 minutes of video
– 30+ premium actors

Enterprise – contact company

Annual prices available to save 20%. You can start for free but very limited options


– PPT & PDF editor
– Screencapture
– Conversation
– Collabration
– Brand kit
– Video with subtitles
– Languages
– Automated translation
– AI Script Assistant
– Text to speech
– Avatars


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